Our Story


My beautiful wife, Paulette, and I are avid RVers. We travel monthly with our two chi-weenies. We created RV Inspections USA for the new RVer or wannabe RVer who needs help identifying a solid, reliable, and trustworthy RV to purchase.

We are active members of the National RV Inspector’s Association.  I have been certified as a Level II Inspector and Campground RV Technician.  I am also required to refresh my skills through annual continuing education training.  Paulette is a nurse, I am a retired fire and arson investigator.  With our 19+ years of RVing experience, our mission is to assist both veteran RVers and newbies in boosting their knowledge before the purchase, insuring the maximum enjoyment of the RV lifestyle and RV ownership.  Please let us assist you in finding the right RV for you, without the headaches of worrying about whether or not you are buying someone else’s albatross.