Why do I need an RV Inspection?

A person new to the RV marketplace may soon be overwhelmed with all of the features and systems present in the newer RVs today.  An RV Inspector will test all of the systems for proper operation, identify areas of concern, such as points of possible water intrusion, areas of previous damage, underlying structural issues, like rotten flooring or damaged walls.

What does an RV Inspection Report do for me?

Number one, the RV Inspection Report arms the buyer with the information needed to assess if the chosen RV is the right choice for them.  The status of the RV, examined by an independent professional inspector, should give the RV buyer confidence in the physical condition of the RV and let the buyer focus attention to the overall buying decision.

What if a dealership doesn’t want to let you use a 3rd-party inspector look at the RV?


How long is the inspection?

The inspection, once the inspector is on site, commonly takes 6-8hrs to complete.  The report is generated with a customized RV Inspection software, so the turnaround time is minimized.

What is the process to schedule an inspection?

Scheduling an inspection is as simple as making a phone call.  Here is a short list of how it works:

  1. You go RV shopping and find the RV you want.
  2. Tell the seller that you would like the RV inspected by an independent RV Inspector.  Many times, the seller will require a deposit, pending the inspection.  You can work out the details.  We need access to a water supply, 30/50amp electrical shore power, and propane in the tanks for testing.  We will work out the logistics, when, where, etc.  We do a 100-mi radius, without mileage fees.
  3. We will send you a Client Agreement via PDF-Filler software, that allows you to sign the agreement online.
  4. We will send you an invoice via PayPal, so you can pay online.
  5. After the Client Agreement and Invoice are taken care of, we will go to the site of the RV and conduct the inspection.
  6. The report will be finalized and available within a couple of hours after the completion of the inspection.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions……Good Hunting !